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Prices for this service are as followed

Small business need IT support, but they dont need the cost of a IT department, that’s where our Remote Support package comes into play. For one flat price you get all the support you could need.

Lower costs and better budgeting

Our pricing model is focused around smaller companies that need one monthly service charge. The price is fixed regardless of how much support time you use, so it’s a predictable outgoing. This package is much more cost effective if you need regulate assistance.

Quick response

Your SLA response time will be 1 hour, but we aim a 30 minute response time. We will work urgently to get connected to your systems and start diagnosing the issue right away. No drawn out conversations to get things moving. We understand that minimising disruption is critical.

Limitless support

You have an unlimited amount of remote support you can use. We’re there for you whenever and as often as you need us.

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Who's this for?
This package is perfect for smaller businesses, our Remote support package offers a cost-effective yet unlimited remote support.
Why J and O?
We can offer first class IT service and we won’t be beaten on price. We use the best technology and systems to provide you the best service.
The next step
If you think we can help, or even if you’d just like more information about our services, please use the ‘contact us’ form or email Support alternatively if you’d like to purchase this services please do so Here

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